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International Art Exhibitions

Our organization holds series of charity art exhibitions all around the world. The subject is Ukraine, peace promotion, the hope that life will overcome death. We want to spread awareness of what is going on in Ukraine among different countries and nations.

Photography and Art art auction "Help Ukraine” on June 12th 2022 in Durango, Colorado

By the following artists:

 Photographer Dmytro Kozatsky also known as "the eyes of Azovstal”. His pictures showed everything that was going on inside Mariupol to the whole world. Currently, the photographer is in Russian captivity, he, like all the heroes of Azovstal, faces the death penalty
Nick Fedirko is an advertising photographer, portraitist, reportage photographer, who survived the occupation of Bucha and became a clear witness to the abuse of the Ukrainian people. In the presented series of works, the author showed the horror that plagued the suburbs of Kiev as a result of the Russian attack. The following works will be presented at the photo exhibition: "Painful Loft", "Indomitable spirit", "Terrible Art", "Childhood", "Why?"
Taras Hegelsky is a portrait photographer and volunteer who documents the horrors of war, but does not forget about the magic of life. The project "Dreams of our children" is an example of how the author sees the world from different angles. Taras Hegelsky decided not to show the difficult side of Ukrainian children's lives, but their future in a free and peaceful Ukraine. The photos are full of faith in the victory of Ukraine, in the light of the future for children.
Alena Yaremchuk‐Koshevaya is a Ukrainian artist. She was born in the city of Sambir, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine. Independent Ukraine Exhibition in Colorado. Her work is inspired by her love for her native land with golden fields of wheat and endless blue sky and the majestic nature of Colorado with the white peaks of the mountains. Red poppies symbolize the blood of fallen warriors who are fighting to bring peace in Ukraine. Love for independence, the beauty of nature and peace on the planet, this is the meaning behind all her paintings. Alena now lives and creates in Durango, Colorado. As a founder of the public organization Intellectual Leadership, she supports Ukraine as much as possible through her creative genius. She is an author and participant of twenty exhibitions in the Parliament of Ukraine "Planet Earth United ‐ Ukraine and the world." Every time exhibited art was dedicated to the friendship with a particular country. Ukraine ‐ USA, Georgia, Brazil, Moldova, Estonia, Germany, Peru, Israel and many others. Her works are loved and appreciated by diplomats, the world political elite in different countries of the world.

The partners, sponsors and co‐organizers are “Yaremchuk and Partners” Legal Consulting Group, “Lotus Innovation” company, “Star Independent”, and “The point” radio station.  


Why do you want to help Ukraine?

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