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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields
Business Breakfast Miami, August 16th 2022

About the speakers:

Margarita Sychkar. Ambassador of Happiness. Book Producer. Happy life coach. Writer (7 books)
Topic: How to write a book.

Alena Yaremchuk. Producer, International patent attorney, author of 2 books.

Topic: International copyright protection, specifics of the author's contract with the publishing house, with the producer. Inheritance in copyright. The experience of writing and publishing a book in America, for example, "Wild West and I".

Ilona Nesterova Ilona Nesterova - Mrs Universe International 2022-2023, "Lion king Tavadia Foundation".
Poet, blogger, participant and winner of international literary contests.
Author of the book "I surround myself with warmth and light" released in 2008
Laureate of the Gifted Youth of Ukraine award
Laureate of literary contests "Heritage"
Laureate of the "Poet of the Year 2009" award

Topic: The role of poems in the life of women. Creativity as a way of self-development. Fates of women through the prism of poetry. Why write poems and why collect them in books.

Funds from the event will go to support Diana Horova's father, a member of the Intellectual Leadership organization, who is currently serving in the Armed Forces.

Military unit A7331 165-bat. TRO
A large lantern, a power bank, a sleeping bag, a first aid kit, a bulletproof vest
Horovoi Roman Vitalyevich
5168 7573 8435 7127

Business Breakfast, August 23th 2022

Topic: Creative realization of a leader. Building a business. Production in Miami

"The march of peace" to support Ukraine
The arc of Southwest Colorado organized a peace march to support Ukraine on June 2nd 2022. They raised money for Ukrainian children affected by the war. We are so grateful to them! 


Charity concert to support Ukraine in Durango 

Alyona Yaremchuk and Vladimir Koshevoy organized a concert to fundraise money for Maxim from Ukraine on July 2nd. People donated enough money to cover the cost of his treatment in Germany. We are grateful to everybody who came and joined us .

Let's clean up our planet together

"I want my area to be clean. I have gathered 6 bags of trash today. Join me! Let's make the Earth clean!" (Alyona Yaremchuk)

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