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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

Business breakfast "Creation, development and protection of a Personal Brand"


Olena Yaremchuk - patent attorney, managing partner of the Legal Consulting Group "Yaremchuk and Partners", president of the NGO "Intellectual Leadership", President of the Star Independent International Internet Film Festival, jci senator, founder of Lotus Innovation.
Creation of a personal brand, development strategy, personal events as a necessary part of the company's marketing.
The specifics of personal brand activities and changes in new territories. Work with social media, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, press, radio, television.

Denys Pyvniak is a lawyer in Miami, legal adviser at the NGO "Intellectual Leadership".
- TM registration in America, opening a business in America.

Victoria Maslova - numerologist, vice-president of the NGO "Intellectual Leadership". Specifics of the name, date of creation, further influence on the development of the brand and its popularity.

Oleg Maslov - Founder of "Green Wels", vice president of NGO "Intellectual Leadership", president of jci Ukraine 2018.
Development of a personal brand through public and social activities.

Ilona Nesterova - Mrs Universe International 2022-2023, "Lion king Tavadia Foundation".
Personal brand development through participation in beauty contests, charitable and social assistance to Ukraine and women.

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