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Ukraine Forever




On February 24th 2022 Russia started an unthinkable and senseless war with Ukraine. Next day we found out about a great amount of victims among civilian population and decided to organize a support group. Immediately we started to work on providing all kinds of help including psychological, financial and helping find food and shelter in and outside of the country. On February 26th we had our first Ukraine Support Rally at VFW, Durango chapter. We sold some of the art donated by local artists. The first donated funds went to Ukrainians who needed financial help to organize transportation and safe shelter. We were also able to help organize necessary supplies needed for one of Kiev's bomb shelters. That same day we had a meeting with our new team of volunteers and founded a charity called Intellectual Leadership Inc. On March 7th, we had a great success having a fundraiser at Durango Rug Company where more then sixty Durangotans showed up to show their support and solidarity with the people of Ukraine suffering from a full fledged war happening in the very center of Europe. We are going to continue organizing charity events, fundraisers and support rallies to raise funds for Ukrainians in dire need. We also are going to report on things done, families helped and lives supported and saved.


As a part of our fundraiser, we offer Alena's book of poetry in English and Russian languages. Downloads are free. But you can donate any amount that you deem necessary directly through our Gofundme page.

April 27 at 5:00 p.m. Ukrainian Oscars After-Party at 612 Hibiscus Dr, Hallandale Beach, FL.


We invite you to watch "20 days in Mariupol" documentary directed by Mstislav Chernov - who won the first "Oscar" in the history of Ukraine.

Charity gala evening @intellectualleadership.

Exhibition of paintings "Planet Earth United: Ukraine-Florida".

🔹 paintings: @alenayaremchukart, books, charity auction.

🔸Performance by artists: @tanya.melamed @fazile_hanum


🔹Presentation of charity initiatives:

"Manifesto of the strong" @future_for_ukraine

Rotary Slavyansk project "Windows"


🔸Presentation of partners:

Realtor VictoriaVolynec








🔹Media partners: @flandusmagazine


✨Join . Support Ukraine.

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